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Click "Purchase SSM Report" button and you will be redirected to order form. Some fields will be auto-filled such as company name and registration number.
Scroll down to choose the document you like to purchase from the list. Click eye icon to preview the sample document. All corporate information comes with CTC unless stated. Once you have satisfied, click "Submit Order" to proceed with payment details.
Fill your name, phone and email, then click "Proceed to Payment Gateway" to make payment. Once payment success, we will email a link to download your document within 24-hour.

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Sample Documents
  • Certificate Of Incorporation / Registration
  • Company Information / Profile
  • Company Registered Charges
  • Certificate Change of Name
  • Particular Of Registered Address
  • Particular Of Directors / Officers
  • Particular Of Share Capital
  • Particular Of Shareholders
  • Particular Of Company Secretary
  • Company Financial Historical Comparison
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